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Trust and quality are synonymous with the Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists brand. With deep product knowledge, Bauer has earned a reputation for both fairness and integrity among its clientele.  From its inception, Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists motto has been “Building trust in your diamond purchase”. Since consumer education is paramount at Bauer, our expert staff is happy to explain diamond quality factors that comprise the 4Cs. So, when you select that perfect diamond, you will understand the traits that determined its quality grade.

Stunning Gemstone Jewelry

At Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists, we strive to create life-long friends with our loyal customers. In a world where shoppers are settling for mass produced products today that may not be ideal for them, we continue to carefully collect only the best pieces worthy of our name, and often have specific customers in mind when we shop for new items. Ask us to show you our gorgeous gemstone jewelry collection, including some gemstones you may not be familiar with. Just as all diamond quality is not equal, gemstones vary in quality as well. We're delighted to help you explore all the traits that establish diamond and gemstone quality--so you can select the ideal piece for you. That's what our customers have come to expect at Bauer Jewelers---discovering top quality gemstone and diamond jewelry that is as unique as its wearer.

Discover why our business has thrived year after year through customer’s word-of-mouth testimonies. At Bauer Jewelers & Gemologists, you’re treated like a VIP—because we know you are.

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